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    Working with Renee was honestly the best decision I could have made when I was contemplating transitioning out of the corporate world to pursue my dreams of creating my own business and building my own brand for the next phase of my life.
    With the steadfast guidance and strategic planning aspects provided by Renee, I was able to envision the bigger picture and really my overall Vision for what I wanted to create. Renee helped me to lay out the ground work so that I was able to clearly move through the different stages of creating my business. Her method of coaching assists individuals who have held higher titles and roles, but who are looking for something life changing, inspiring and really following a “deeper passion” to achieve your own personal goals. I don’t think I would have reached my full potential and “end” result if it wasn’t for the guidance, unconditional support and trust that Renee provided. There were always laughs along the way too and my personal take away is that the process was abundantly fun while working together. If you are lucky enough to experience working with Renee, it will be the single best decision you could ever make!

    Debbi Lee Founder & President Paper & Diamond (Luxury Travel Company)

    “I reached out to Renee when I was totally lost and unhappy with my job, apartment and close relationships, and felt like I had nowhere to turn. Renee worked her magic and helped me to find the confidence to quit my job and embark on a totally new adventure. Through my work with her I uncovered my hidden appreciation for sustainable fashion and 1 year later decided to start my own sustainable activewear line. Renee was the first person I told about my idea to start a business and she was of course there to support me on the day I launched. I’m so thankful to have found her as she helped to empower me and guide me towards a path where I feel much more fulfilled and happy!

    Mary Bemis Founder & President Reprise (Activewear Company)

    “I struggled to find direction in my life and felt like I was stuck when I turned to books and the internet for guidance. I was lucky to have found Renee through my online search, and we immediately clicked.
    It was easier than I had expected to open up because Renee made me comfortable with a genuine smile and positive energy. Over the past six months, we have regularly met to talk about and to work through obstacles that were holding me back form achieving my goals and my Ideal Self. Renee actively listens to my concerns and provides me with tools and practices to address them and to overcome. Thanks to my continual practice, and with Renee’s guidance, I am becoming equipped to face life’s challenges. I no longer feel like I am stuck without a purpose. I have Renee to thank for guiding me out of the dark and into a positive mindset that has helped me to believe in myself. I am a visionary and I will achieve great success in my life.
    I highly recommend Renee as a coach and mentor. I have learned so much form Renee.

    Damien Watson Architecture + Interior Design New York, New York

    “I was thinking about the Visual Map exercise we did a few months ago and am so excited to try it again! It worked so well on my nervousness about going in front of an audience even when I know my material. The process used totally stopped what I call ‘Loop Thinking”, where you just ruminate and get no where. The Visual Mapping has created an actual inability to get into that thought pattern, so much so, that if you didn’t have notes and a good memory, I would not be able to articulate what specifically we dealt with! Can’t wait to try it on a different subject! When we started, I had a doubt or two, but it works! And I actually can see the empty folder in my brain’s file cabinet!

    Michele Fischer Ballroom Dancer New York, New York

    “Coming into the new year, I knew I wanted to change and needing someone to hold me accountable to follow through with my goals. I felt stuck and was procrastination on things I knew I needed to do. Renee helped me with setting up an action plan that worked for me. She knows how to get to the root of a problem. She’s like a teacher, friend, counselor, therapist, and coach, all in one package. I wasn’t exactly sure how coaching would work for me, but I’m happy I gave it a try. Renee was always positive, encouraging, patient and insightful. One of the most significant things I’ve learned from my experience is that it’s ok to ask for help. Working with Renee has been a life-changing experience. Love you, Renee!!”

    Nathalie Cosmetic Graphic Designer & Production Artist New York, New York

    Coaching Evaluation Form:

    What brought you to Coaching?

    Controlling and aggressive behavior at work
    Achieving my dream of living in NYC and feeling empty and unsatisfied once I got here.

    What were things like for you, before we started working together?

    Feeling like I was chasing shallow joy
    Not in control of my own behavior
    Disconnected from myself

    What made you hire me as your Coach?

    Initially, it was your qualifications and website. I loved and resonated with your zest for travel and was looking for someone with an international outlook. When I spoke with you, it was your energy! I felt you understood my “rut”, and felt that you were assertive and strong.

    What results or benefits did you receive from Coaching?

    Simply put, I feel like a different person, and subsequently I am having different experiences.

    Coaching made me dive deep past the thoughts, to the real place inside. To be in the moment and stop my internal berating narrative. To let life happen to me, rather than trying to control it. To not be afraid to be vulnerable and open to people.

    I feel like you guided me toward myself.

    What was your favorite or surprising part about Coaching together?

    I was totally unprepared for how spiritual the journey was. Every week I felt like I was shedding armor. I loved that we can laugh and have fun with it too.

    If you were to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say?

    That Renee will shine the light on what’s happening deep inside. You just might discover that the reason for you going to coaching is actually a symptom of something much more profound. That every part of your life is connected, and if you improve your understanding of yourself, all aspects of your life and relationships will improve.

    What improvements can I make as a Coach moving forward?

    Very little! At a push I would say more “homework.” I really enjoyed the meditation moments, so more of them would be nice.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Thank you. I am so grateful that I met you. I marvel at your ability to be so authentic, patient, and loving to your clients.

    Kate VP of Partnerships