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    Counseling for Anxious Professionals, Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs and Burnt Out Business Owners

    Is your unhappiness at an all-time high? Are you feeling constantly stressed and worried about what’s next? 

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and all alone, I understand.

    Every one of my high-achieving entrepreneurs, high functioning executives, and burnt out business owners feel the same way. 

    You’re work is all-consuming. You’ve taken too much on and now every one is depending on you to make it all work.

    Not only that, but you’re sacrificing your health, by not sleeping and pushing your body to its limits.

    Your relationships are suffering and your family and friends are beginning to notice. But you keep brushing it off.

    You can’t seem to turn off your brain and you’re having difficulty focusing. 

    And spending time on doing things you love almost never happens and if it does, it just doesn’t have the same enjoyment anymore. 

    Physically: you have tension headaches, lethargy, stomach issues, backaches, and other physical pains that are trying to get your attention.

    Mentally: You have difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you’re worried about.

    Emotionally: You feel anger, resentment, sadness, and panic

    Spiritually: You don’t feel connected to anything.

    I can help.

    What you’re currently doing is unsustainable. It will lead to burnout, disappointment, illness, loss of important relationships, and a loss of self.

    These are costly mistakes that may make you eventually self-sabotage and walk away from your financial success.

    How would your life be different if you could meet with an experienced guide and share your whole mess? 

    An expert who can help you sort things out, and for 1 hour listen and focus on YOU. That 1 hour will make the other 23 feel lighter, calmer, and much more balanced.

    You’ll feel happy, healthy, and more fully alive than ever before.

    Call or email me for a free consultation. One hour with me, will change the other 23.