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    Individual Therapy

    Therapy is an act of courage and self-care.

    Do you feel like your life is out of balance?  Maybe it’s in your relationships, your health, your career or just out of alignment with yourself?  There’s just something that feels off…. and you can’t seem to get back on track.

    There’s just this nagging unease that won’t go away. Sometimes, you feel swallowed up by it.

    And a part of you is beginning to feel scared if you continue going on like this…

    And let’s face it, you tried. You actually made some progress. You read the right “shelf-help” books, listened to the podcasts, have gone to yoga, and even found some good information on Youtube and online. And yet, it’s still not working. You want to make some changes, but HOW?

    I understand.

    Can I tell you a secret? You’re not alone in this…

    Every single high -achiever to walk through my doors has shared these thoughts and fears. 100% of them.

    Through individual therapy, and a dash of humor and empathy, I help you with the HOW.

    When we’re struggling with a particular issue, sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest through the trees. That’s why we’ve had family, friends, teachers, coaches and mentors help us grow since we were born. We’re not here to do it alone.

    Your belief that you should figure this all out, is what’s keeping you stuck.

    I’ve spent countless clinical hours in school, in training, and with clients to help you get the transformation you deserve.

    How would your life be different if you were able to put it all out there, to someone who will validate your feelings and help you understand what’s actually going on in your life?

    Imagine being encouraged to bring your whole mess. And for one hour you get to slow down, focus on you and really begin to sort things out.This one hour makes the other 23 feel lighter, clearer, and easier.

    We all want to be heard and validated about what’s true for us. Therapy is the place to unload all the thoughts and feelings that you’re trying to make sense of on your own.

    Therapy is letting go of the old baggage and unpacking all the outdated beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore.

    Together, we’ll get to the root of what’s causing you stress, and with the right plan, tools and strategies, we will begin to uplift your life immediately.

    After we release what’s not working, we then go a few steps further, where you begin to create the possibility of having more of your wants and needs met. We’ll take a look at the big picture of what’s most important to you in your relationships, health, career, lifestyle choices, fun, and so much more!  We’ll put all the pieces of the puzzle together to create a future that’s compelling, authentic and fulfilling. A future you truly deserve.

    You’ll be amazed at how truly capable you are, because we’ll explore parts of yourself you never even knew existed. You’ll grow more quickly than ever before, discovering your innate superpowers, leading you closer to your authentic self and the life you want to lead and live.

    I get it, you want more LIFE!

    Isn’t it time to take a new approach if you want a different result?

    I’m a licensed, holistic psychotherapist, life transitions coach and teacher. I have traveled the world, found my way through my own pain, been brought to my knees, and risen again.

    And I’m here to guide you on how to stop being so hard on yourself, so you can actually enjoy being who you most deeply are and to start living a more fulfilled, authentic, purposeful life!

    Beginning Therapy is an act of courage and self-care.

    If you’re looking for a safe, experienced, non-judgemental Therapist to guide you on this incredible journey of self-discovery, Click below to schedule a free consultation or call (646) 392-8885.

    Let’s get started!