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    Our crisis points are also our turning points. Is it time to let go of the hurt, and live a life that is more authentic, inspired and alive?


    If you think, ” I’m not good enough, I’m not capable, I’m an Imposter, or I don’t fit in, etc… you’re not alone.

    Or if people tell you, “You’re too sensitive”, “you’re over-reacting.” You’re not alone.

    The clients I work with have been told by others that they’re either “too much”, or “too sensitive.” These same clients are also deeply empathic, highly intuitive, wildly creative and secretly ambitious. They have these superpowers and more, however they’re not recognizing them.

    We live in a world of possibilities, but a lot of times we stay small because we don’t know how to get out of our own way. We’ve listened to what others have told us, instead of listening to the calling and power of our own heart. It’s not your fault. We just haven’t been taught how to listen to what is true for us.

    I can help you overcome anxiety, depression, stress, and loss, so you can live a more authentic, inspired life.

    Beginning counseling or coaching is an incredible act of courage and self- love. And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

    With the right plan and the right support, we will begin building your soul with stamina. Within a few short weeks, you will feel the difference. You’ll feel lighter, happier and have more self confident. You’ll be amazed at how capable you truly are, because together, we will explore parts of yourself you never even knew existed. Learning new ways of experiencing all areas of your life will give your life more purpose and meaning. You’ll grow more quickly than ever before and you’ll naturally succeed, getting your greatest love, work and play out into the world.

    I have helped thousands of people in my proven process and I can help you.

    During a life transition, there is something new in you that wants to emerge.

    Hi! I’m Renee Welde, A Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist, Career Counselor and National Board Certified Coach.

    I help anxious individuals, overwhelmed executives and burnt out business owners overcome anxiety, stress and imposter syndrome, transforming them into your greatest strengths.

    No matter what the life transition, obstacle or challenge you are currently facing, I can help give you a roadmap to living a life of freedom, confidence and authenticity. It would be an honor and a privilege to assist you on your journey.

    As a former college career counselor, a “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers”, and with over two decades of International counseling and coaching experience, I’m devoted to guiding people to move forward in alignment with their highest potential and true mission in life.

    A graduate of Villanova University and the Psychosynthesis Center for Spiritual Psychology, my areas of expertise are in the healing of all types of anxiety, sadness, self -worth issues and the stress of sudden life changes.

    As a guide in service to your growth, healing modalities include: safety, deep listening, intuition, guided imagery, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychosynthesis, and emotional wellness techniques.

    I use a model that will move you towards health, wholeness and potential, rather than pathology. This process removes emotional blockages and allows you to discover your Authentic Self, bringing you greater self confidence, joy, wisdom, and well-being for yourself, your relationships and the world.

    I use both traditional therapies and complimentary emotional wellness techniques to offer a highly personalized approach specifically tailored to each client. With compassion, understanding and love, we will work together to help you build on your strengths, incorporating both practical coping skills and self-care practices to maintain the positive growth you are committed to accomplishing.

    As an interactive, humanistic, solution-focused coach, my approach is to eliminate emotional blockages, and provide support and practical feedback to help you effectively address your personal life challenges. Through the coaching process, you will actually enjoy taking action and becoming the Visionary of your own life. And nothing feels better than accomplishing your dreams!

    A near death experience and a spiritual awakening in 1987, led me into the fields of counseling and life coaching.

    I have had many fortunate opportunities to be mentored and taught by some of the most leading edge health care professionals and healers of our time including: Carolyn Myss, Julia Cameron, Vicki Noble, Sonia Choquette, Dr. Angeles Arrien, Byron Katie, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Esther Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden, Eric Pearl, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dick Bolles, Robert Holden Phd., Native American and Peruvian Healers, and John of God.

    My life experiences have been as important as my educational endeavors. I back-packed around the world in 1989 with my husband John and our two children Matthew and Catherine who were 4 and 2 years old at the time.

    John and I backpacked around the world for a second time in 2014.

    I can offer you a FREE Counseling/Coaching Session to see if we would be a good fit working together. If you’re interested. Let’s talk!

    I’m sending you every good wish on your path to health, happiness and well-being!

    Are you ready to take the first step? (646) 392-8885


    1. Over two decades of clinical experience. Licensed Psychotherapist
    2. National Board Certified Coach
    3. Masters of Counseling and Human Relations, Villanova University 1995, with High Honors
    4. Advanced Post-Graduate Training in 3 year Psychosynthesis Certification and Instructor
    5. College Career Counselor
    6. Who's Who Among America's Teachers 3 consecutive years
    7. 9 Month Woman Wisdom Instructor
    8. Certified Intuitive Career Coach
    9. Shamanic practitioner
    10. Reiki I and II
    11. The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing
    12. Healing Touch
    13. Emotional Healing Technique
    14. Tapas Technique
    15. Energy Medicine
    16. Chakra Healing
    17. Sound Healing
    18. World Traveler


    State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors, # PC002291,

    New Jersey Temp License # 006686