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  • How to deal with EmptyNest Syndrome Video

    How to go from “Empty Nest Syndrome” to “Look what’s Next System!”

    It’s finally happened! These past few weeks, parents around the country and the world, have been attending their children’s high school graduations, and will soon be saying goodbye to their child for the first time as they leave for college.

    Other parent’s children will be leaving home through marriage, or deciding to live on their own.

    Where has the time gone?

    First, congratulations! What an achievement for your child, the family and you! As a parent, you’ve done an incredible job. Feel proud!

    When children “fly the coup” for the first time, whether to attend college, get married or live on their own, we experience a range of emotions from happiness and elation to fear, loss and loneliness.

    “Empty Nest Syndrome” is a term used when children “fly the coup” and parents are left struggling with the difficult emotions of dealing with the absence of their children. I know how you feel.

    I’d like to share a video of an interview I did a few years back that can help you through this transition phase.

    Here’s something important to know: the transition phase you’re going through, doesn’t have to be as difficult and challenging as you may think. It’s not so lonely and sad if you have a little “know how”, get support and figure out a plan of what your “Next Steps” are going to be.

    I offer a 3-month “Empty Nest Coaching Package” that moves parents from sadness and loneliness to experiencing a life filled with a renewed sense of vitality, well-being and joy I

    It’s amazing how life changing a 12-week coaching process can take you from grief, fear, and loneliness to having more freedom, creativity, flexibility, independence and happiness!

    The 12-week process includes:

    1. How to let go of attachment, control, fears and grief, so you can begin to trust the process that both your child and you are on: A New Transformational Journey!
    2. A complete Self- Assessment of what you value most, what are your interests, what motivates you, what’s your coping style, your personal strengths and your realities and commitments.
    3. We will explore future possibilities of who you now want to be, do and have, research and evaluate the information you’ve gathered about yourself and what’s most important to you at this time.
    4. If there are unresolved personal issues we will take a look at those and remove emotional blocks that might be in the way of moving forward.
    5. Make a Vision Board and an Action Plan to take your next steps.

    The 12-week package includes:

    1. Understanding the Cycle of Change, knowing exactly where you are in your transition and what personal coping skills you are going to need to empower youself to move forward.

    2. The Wheel of Life Assessment Tool.

    3. Learn what your strengths are and how to play to them.

    4. Re- evaluation of what you want to be, do and have.

    5. Find out what’s getting in the way of your dreams, and Removing Emotional Blocks.

    6. Brainstorming and Profile Sheet.

    7. Vision board and next Steps Plan.

    Plus 9 one hour weekly individual personalized coaching calls with me.

    When you get support and we begin to focus on your “What’s Next”, suddenly your life experience becomes one of freedom, creativity, independence, flexibility and adventure.

    Call me at (646)-392-8885, or email me at [email protected]. I can help.

    It’s now Your time to let go of the grief, explore new adventures, remember long lost dreams, re-connect with your Authentic Self and reclaim your life!