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  • #10 Visioning & the Power of the Shamanic Journey

    What’s Shamanism? Shamanism is a healing and spiritual practice that has been in existence on every continent for thousands of years. One of your ancestors was a Shaman. The concept of shamanism is that everything is alive! Our ancestors survival depended on having an intimate relationship with nature and the spiritual worlds. Our weekend together will include meeting our power animal. It’s a life changing experience. How do I know? Because it was a life changing experience for me. There’s something incredibly powerful when you walk into a board meeting with wolf by your side or hawk on your shoulder. Not only do you feel differently walking into the boardroom, but everyone else feels it too. Mia and I use Shamanism as an integrative approach that is in addition to traditional and complementary healing methods. We have always received loving remarks from other women who have attended our weekends. So clear your calendar and come and join us! xo, Renee